e-certification ISO 9001


This compliance covers the minimum sanitary and hygiene practices for food processors, such as hotels and restaurants, to ensure that food is safe and suitable for human consumption. It is a required foundation to implement other food safety management initiatives, such as GMP, HACCP and ISO 22000. The US FDA and other regulatory bodies worldwide recommend GHP compliance to ensure that a company is committed to reducing food contamina

Benefits Of GHP

  • Minimum need for dietary procedures.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to producing and safe food.
  • It leads to customer loyalty.
  • Demonstrates adherence to government regulations.
  • Build a GMP base, HACCP certificate

Why should I go for GHP?

GHP helps in tracking the cost and resources used in the system.It ensures the low empact on environment by your business.

GHP Certification

GHP standard increases industry's credibility by showing its customers that their services and products meet customer's expectations. In other cases ISO Certifications are also required or mandated legally.The certification process is fairly easy and simple. For more Information Kindly Get In Touch.