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FSSAI Registration

FSSAI registration begins with submission of Form A (application) to the Department of Food and Safety.


The GST (tax goods and services) of any business entity under the GST Act means obtaining a separate number from the relevant tax authorities.


Income tax returns give you a detailed picture of all your income during the year and the tax on it.


PAN stands for Permanent Account Number.All taxpayers or asserors must have a PAN in order to file ITR.PAN is mandatory for any financial transactions.

PF Registration

Both the employee and the employer contribute 12% of the salary. The employer's share consists of 12% .

Pvt Ltd Company

Pvt Ltd Company stands for Private Limited Company.It Is privately-held business entity.The stakeholders in it are private.


The full form of TAN is Tax Reduction Number and Collection Account Number.


A trademark is a clear trademark, phrase, word or symbol that identifies a particular product and legally distinguishes it from all other products of its kind.