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GST also known as goods and services tax. It is applicable on all goods and services produced/manufactured within the particular country where GST is implemented. Countries where GST is applicable include Australia, Netherland, Vietnam, India, UK, CANADA etc. While making a nation economically strong at the same time it eliminated all the different complicated tax system which was applicable before it came into existence in India. It integrated various tax systems and provided one easier and fast solution to the tax systems in India. While GST is compulsory at every step of production, it is intended to be reimbursed to all the parties other than the consumer at the final step proposing that it is collected from the point of consumption. It varies from product to product. Ranging 4%-28 %. Few products like alcohol and petroleum based products are excluded and are part of different tax systems.

Benefits Of GST

  • Goods & Service Tax eliminates the “Tax on Tax” cascading effect.
  • Easy & friendly online procedure.
  • Benefits of composition scheme (Especially for small business owners).
  • One unified return.
  • Improved logistics efficiency.
  • You will benefit as a part of a single tax payer system.
  • It has reduced the effective cost of your product by eliminating all the others state taxes.
  • Ease of doing business. As it legalizes your business (small or large). Once you have GSTN,it’s a proof of your legal identity, hence attracting more valuable customers and more of business.
  • As it provides sense of authenticity to have a GST registration number for your business.
  • As your goods and services can easily flow all across the India without having to worry about paying different valued taxes of different states, hence decreases the probability of ending up losing money in taxes.
  • It has effectively reduced the cost of multistep system to one single system.
  • Reduction of the compliance costs.
  • More efficient neutralization of taxes especially for exports.Thereby making Indian products more competitive in the international market and it gives a boost for India based products and businesses.
  • Indian companies while contributing to the economy of the nation get very easy and very fast processing system, eliminating average tax burden on the supply of goods is reduced overall.

Why should I go for GST?

We work faster than others. While for other it may take weeks we get the work done in 3 days.* If you provide us your documents on day 1 We can get your business legalized and get GST Registration number for you by day 3. (*given that all the documentation and information provided is valid and correct). What are you going to need? Pan card of business owner/manufacturer Partnership deed if applicable Address proof Bank account statement of the company Voter ID or other ID cards of the partners if applicable.

GST Certification

GST standard increases industry's credibility by showing its customers that their services and products meet customer's expectations. In other cases ISO Certifications are also required or mandated legally.The certification process is fairly easy and simple. For more Information Kindly Get In Touch.