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EN 166

EN-166 is for the protection of human eyes or to reduce the related risks at workplace, 20% incidents result as loss of eye or blindness or other eye harming accidents To reduce such risks at the work place, EU has regulated EN-166 All PPE must be tested under regulations of EN-166 and the protocols is to be followed in order to achieve this certification

Benefits Of EN 166

  • Light filtration
  • Protects from the risks of
  • Most common and versatile form of PPE
  • Safe of gradual side effects on the eye
  • Protects eyes from the UV rays

Why should I go for EN 166?

EN-166 makes it easier to make your product less expensive.It helps you in exploring more opportunities.

EN 166 Certification

EN 166 standard increases industry's credibility by showing its customers that their services and products meet customer's expectations. In other cases ISO Certifications are also required or mandated legally.The certification process is fairly easy and simple. For more Information Kindly Get In Touch.